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MCG prioritizes work-life balance for our employees, fostering a flexible work environment through our policies. We seek individuals who are eager to learn, exhibit empathy, and align with Our Values, which include Reliability, Responsiveness, Rigor, and Resilience. Our selection process involves rigorous interviews and case study assessments, with only 10% of applicants successfully joining our team. Working at MCG provides a unique career experience, where you contribute to building businesses that support your personal and professional growth

MCG offers a one-of-a-kind chance to gain valuable hands-on experience in various industries. Our strategic work empowers team members to influence industry-shaping decisions. Through a collaborative team approach, you’ll work closely with others, gaining insight into their strengths and skills.

MCG has a permanent hybrid working policy, operating primarily in the ‘Cloud.’ We’ll occasionally schedule in-person meetings with clients and colleagues.

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